Julia Artiukhov Photographer-Artist 

based in Sacramento, California

Hi! Thank You for visiting my page! I am happy to see you here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Julia Artiukhov, I am a photographer and artist specializing in children and family portraiture. Born in Ukraine, raised in USA, ever since I could remember myself I was into art, I knew I will grow up to be an artist. I studied at Sac State University where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Photography. Also I was a student and trainee of world famous photographers Karina Kiel, Igor Podolyan, Yelena Mihailova, Anna Giz, Kelly Brown and Tera Lesher. I never stop at learning something new, most prized talent I received from God was my unending imagination! 

Children are my biggest inspiration, in most of my photos they are main characters. I believe children are at their most when they are being themselves, I love diving in their world with my camera and watch them interact in their own cute and unique ways, these sweet and innocent childhood memories, they cannot be forgotten! I create beautiful storytelling portraits, classic or vintage, retro or magical fairytale or even modern lifestyle settings,  these painting-like works are definitely keepsakes for your family forever.


The Way I Work

My goal is to create unique portraits, the ones you would keep for a lifetime, the ones you would proudly showcase in your house, the ones that deserve to be called a masterpiece! Photography is interpreted from Greek “drawing with light”, I draw my portraits with light, camera and personalized artistic touch. 


For each session I carefully select: theme, place, props and outfits, I have a large collection of assets. Together we create unique artwork, precious memories and a keepsake of your family for generations.

Would love to work with you! Tel(916)807-9996